AO: Ao-Streakers
Q: Fun Run
PAX: Ratatouille, Jiffy, Gilligan, Maestro, Mr. Fixit, Tater Salad, French Lick, Fun Run, Myrtle
FNGs: None

5CP (some of the newer guys named some)
Mission Statement
Imperial Walkers
Finkle Kicks
Willie Mays Hats
Calf Stretch
800M easy run


100M (Sprint 50, Stride out 50) X 3
150M (Sprint 75, Stride out 75) X 3
100M (Sprint 50, Stride out 75) X 4

Mosey for 2 mins at a 6 out of 10 pace. Recover for 2 mins. Mosey for 90 secs and a 7 out of 10, recover for 90. Mosey for 60 at a 8 out of 10, recover for 60. Mosey for 30 at a 9 out of 10, recover for 30.


Flutter Kicks
Merican Hammers
Freddie Mercury’s


2.0 event at red dawn on 8/5 at 7:00
Labor Day race coming up…it’s on Labor Day.
Grow Ruck event in Savannah in October

COT: Awesome sharing this morning. Maestro was the 6th man and shared about tough it is to discipline a daughter as tender as they can be. YHC then felt need to be open because of Maestro’s openness. YHC has trouble letting work go and dedicating family time to be purely family time.

Continued prayers for Fixit.

Tater’s wife with some stresses.