AO: Ao-About-Face
Q: Huffy, OneHit
PAX: Myrtle, Buzzard, Geppetto, Nature Boy, Brutus, Run Flat, French Lick, GPS, Huffy, OneHit, Houlihan, Buick, Scope Down, Daisy Dukes, Suds, Kirby, Baby Shark, Bob Ross, Daisy Dukes
FNGs: 1 Daisy Dukes
After a quick count off , 3 of the five core principles were named in hopes that mumble chatter amongst the pax would reveal the remaining two

We Rucked 3.1 miles carrying a wooden cross as community weight in honor and recognition of Good Friday.

After the ruck a word was brought by huffy & the pax were reminded that Jesus chose to bear the weight we could not carry. He paid that price so that all of us could be free.
it’s called Good Friday because the tomb was empty: it’s only Friday but Sundays a coming!!!!!

If the tomb was empty, anything is possible….& anything means anything

Well done Huffy

Burn the ships tomorrow morning, Travis manion, Murph & anniversary convergence are all coming up. Come get some.
Check slack

Prayers for French lick & his mom
Prayers for gps and his mom as well

Good work men!