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Hello, Friends. 13 pax relived one of the greatest comebacks in Masters history this AM, going shot-for-shot with Jack Nicklaus’ final round performance on the back nine at Augusta in 1986.


Mosey to practice field

The Thang:
Circle of Pain (all in cadence)
Windmills x 9
Hillbillies x 9
Imperial Walkers x 9
Slo-mo Squats x 9
Thru The Tunnel x 9
Raise the Roof x 9

Each pax collect a block

Jack Nicklaus’ 1986 Back Nine on Sunday at The Masters tribute workout

Complete 10 reps of each exercise for corresponding golf club used for each shot.

The Back Nine:
Hole 10 Camellia 485 yards Par 4
Score: 3 Clubs: Driver. 3 iron. Putter.
10 ‘mercans 10 napalms 10 squats

Hole 11 White Dogwood 455 Yards Par 4
Score: 3 Clubs: Driver. 6 iron. Putter.
10 ‘mercans 10 crunches 10 squats

Hole 12 Golden Bell 162 yards Par 3
Score: 4 Clubs: 6 iron. PW. Putter x 2
10 crunches 10 flutter kicks 10 squats 10 calf raises

Hole 13 Azalea 465 yards Par 5
Score: 4 Clubs: Driver. 4 iron. Putter.
10 ‘mercans 10 curls 10 squats 10 calf raises

Hole 14 Chinese Fir 405 yards Par 4
Score: 4 Clubs: Driver. 7 iron. Putter x 2.
10 ‘mercans 10 Russian twists 10 squats 10 calf raises

Hole 15 Firethorn 500 yards Par 5
Score: 3 Clubs: Driver. 4 iron. Putter.
10 ‘mercans 10 curls 10 squats

Hole 16 Redbud 175 yards Par 3
Score: 2 Clubs: 5 iron. Putter.
10 overhead presses 10 squats


Hole 17 Nandina 400 yards Par 4
Score: 3 Clubs: Driver. PW. Putter.
10 ‘mercans 10 flutter kicks 10 squats

Hole 18 Holly 405 yards Par 4
Score: 4 Clubs: 3 wood. 5 iron. Putter x 2
10 Turkish getups 10 overhead presses 10 squats 10 calf raises

Back-9 Score: 30
Exercises for Clubs Used:
Driver – ‘Mercans
3 Wood – Turkish Getups
3-iron – Bent-over rows
4-iron – Curls
5-iron – Overhead presses
6-iron – Crunches
7-iron – Russian twists
Pitching Wedge – Flutter kicks
Putt #1 – Squats
Putt #2 – Calf raises

Put up blocks

Pax race 2×2 to base of hill

Mosey to Shovel Flag

Hello Dolly x 10 (IC)
Bicycle crunches x 10 (IC)
Iron crosses x 10 (OYO)


BOM led by YHC

Moleskin: YHC had a great time putting this workout together. As a longtime fan of Jack Nicklaus, and now the same age the Golden Bear was back in 1986 at 46 years old, this was a most enjoyable workout for the QIC this AM!

The yardages for the holes were those from 1986. Since the broadcast didn’t mention which club was being used on most shots, YHC assumed the club Nicklaus used on several of them. An article about this historic round told which clubs were used on a few of the pivotal shots, so the 5-iron tee shot on 16, pitching wedge approach on 17, and 3-wood off the tee on 18 are accurate.

The total reps in the workout were 300, not counting those in the COP and Mary.

YHC also peppered in some of the famous quotes uttered by the announcers over the final holes throughout the workout…

On 15: “Yes sir! The battle is joined. My goodness. There is life in the old Bear yet!” – Ben Wright

On 16: “And there’s no doubt about it… the Bear has come out of hibernation.” – Jim Nantz (This was actually Jim’s first Masters tournament at 26 years old. He proved right off the bat his ability to interject a cheesy one-liner to the broadcast).

On 17: “Maybe… Yes, SIR!“ – Verne Lundquist

Closing thoughts: A lot had to fall into place for Nicklaus to don the Green Jacket for his record 6th time 35 years ago (Seve Ballesteros’ water ball on 15, Greg Norman’s wayward approach shot on 18, and Tom Kite’s near miss on the final hole) — but at the end of the day, he focused on what he could control, and in the end things worked out for him. Kind of reminds us of life — if we do our best, block out what’s going on around us and focus on what we can have an impact on, we put ourselves in the best position to succeed.

F3’s mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

There are 3 Fs in F3. While the 1st F is the hook of fitness that gets us out there, let’s be sure to push into the 2nd and 3rd Fs of fellowship and faith to allow ourselves to become High Impact Men to our family and community, living 3rd, and serving others.

Upcoming 5-year anniversary

Prayer requests:
Toll House launching F3 Albany

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