AO: Ao-Pound
Q: Michael Smallwood(Bull)
PAX: Duke, Noodles, Tonka, Michael Smallwood(Bull)
FNGs: None
Daisy Pickers IC
Hill Billies IC
Trunk Twists IC
Sky Grabbers IC
Seal Stretch
Headed on down to the Love Shack for some coupons then up to the top of Hamburger Hill behind the gym.
Pax partnered up. Each group had a coupon fastened with a rope attached. One partner exercised while the other took the coupon down the hill and dragged it back up. Then the partners switched it up.
Both partners were to complete all the reps instead of sharing them.
200 Flutter Kicks
200 LBC
100 WW1
100 American Hammer
50 Heels to Heaven
100 Freddie Mercuries
100 Nolan Ryans (No one made it this far)
100 Shoulder Taps
Trunk Twists
Sky Grabbers
Seal Stretch
Plank to 6
The CSAUP Ruck on 6/2
Praised the Lord for the positive things in our lives and prayed for patience to accept God’s plan when we don’t understand trying times