AO: backblasts
Q: Buick
PAX: Buick, Downy, Gaylord, Maestro, Ratatouille, Run Flat, Cheecherones
FNGs: None
Standard disclaimer
5 core said in correct order
Mission given by @maestro with a brief explanation of why we are at a new area of operation

Trunk rotation
Bear hug
Hill Billy
Slow mosey for 2 min
Merkin 10
Slow mosey for 2 min

The thang

Uboat for 20 spots doing burpee at the top of everyone

Circle up for howling monkeys
Circle of pain bear crawl to merkin
Hold the plank and merkin on my call

Mosey around

Found a good starting point and lined up and skipped to the other end! That’s right we freakin skipped!! Like men! @maestro felt the need to show us some speed skippin and then …
We did it so freakin good that we did it again! Like men!! We skipped to the bushes!
And then guess what?! We did it again!!
Like men!! We skipped and skipped. I believe it was on this round that @run flat showed us how to put some height into it.

Then for good measure we did another round of howlin monkeys. Nobody looked at anyone in the eye so it never got weird.


Merkin on Yhc call
6” and spread em

Not too late to commit
#money pit is going to be our next ao. Invite someone to be a part of the next one. The place is to big to not have multi options on the same and different days.

Fisher is a young man facing his last days on earth. Pray for him and his parents. He goes to ace.
@ratataouille bout to have him a 2.0 and a tad nervous
Mens hike international leaving Saturday to go to Nepal for 2 weeks. Lots of logistics and things to work through
Thankful for the upc challenge this year. Praying that all of us man up and admit the reality of our weakness and can find strength to commit.

It was a pleasure skipping around with y’all this am!!