AO: ao-moneypit
Q: Run Flat
PAX: Buick, Gaylord, Downy, Mr. Fixit, Run Flat
FNGs: None
YHC wore shorts this morning and had nothing on my mind but to get moving ASAP!  So I introduced myself and we took off on a fairly quick paced mosey.  As we made it across the parking lot and started down the hill we intercepted a tardy Downy who was running over from his apartment.  Disclaimer, 5 Core, and Mission Statement were all given while on the move.  We stopped a few times for Bear Hugs, Hillbillies, and Daisy Pickers, so we could warm up some key components necessary for the thang.

The Crazy Indian:  Pax line up down the wall holding a balls to the wall inverted pose while the last pax in the line drops down to run to the front.  That pax then gets back in the balls to the wall position.  This was done down the exterior hallway until we ran out of wall.

Continue moseying around the complex to find some brick rows embedded in the ground for some Brick Layer Merkins.  Start with hands on two bricks side by side.  Do 5 Merkins, the move hands out 1 brick and do 5 more Merkins.  Continue moving out 1 brick every 5 reps until we were as wide as we could be, then repeat coming back in and working out way back to where we started.

Mosey around some more until we found a knee high wall to do dips on.  We dipped and dipped and dipped.  25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Mosey around past Dicks and past Olive Garden.  This prompted conversation about the $1k gift cards that you could buy and eat on for a full year.  Sounded horrible so we stopped for some Brick Layer Squats.  Same idea as the Merkins…. Move out one brick each round.  30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30

Moseyed up and around Bone Fish to the light poles for MerkinBurps.  At light pole one do one burpee.  While you’re down on the ground during that burpee do one Merkin.  Run to the next light pole and do 2 burpees, except this time do two merkins at the bottom of each burpee.  Run to the next light and do 3 burpees with 3 Merkins at the bottom of each burpee.  Some made it to the 6th pole, some to the 7th, but everyone was mutually sick of it.

Moseyed back up to the flag.  We were a little early so we veered right and went to the other end to do 10 more Burpees because everyone was talking so much about Burpees.  Finish and to the flag we went.

Crunchy Frog
Joint Venture (new one from @backdraft)

Coffee was waiting in the truck for everyone and we almost couldn’t get it fast enough!

Savannah Bridge Run
Reindeer Run
12 Miles of Ruckmas

Prayers for Dukes dad
Prayers for Manhole