AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Mr. Beast
PAX: Run Flat, Fun Run, SEC, Szczerbiak
FNGs: None
45min AMRAP (with E5MOM: 20 yards Mode of Transportation (MOT))
Coupon and EMOM timer is needed for this workout
Set an EMOM timer for 5 minutes and when the timer starts, the workout starts. This out-and-back
E5MOM MOT will happen 8-times during the WOD on the 5th , 10th , 15th , 20th , 25th , 30th , 35th & 40th min
Set out 2 cones
1 cone is at the starting line
1 cone is 10 yards out
In each of 3 rounds, PAX must alternate between executing 10 reps of each of the round’s two exercises until 80 total reps are completed (40 reps of each exercise).
Throughout the WOD, every 5 minutes PAX must complete a 20-yard (10 out / 10 back) MOT associated with the round they are executing before continuing to execute reps
If time remains after completing all three rounds, loop back to the beginning & repeat from round 1 to continue adding reps to score until time expires.
Score = Total Reps Completed

Round 1

Exercises: Flying Squirrels / WW3 Sit‐ups
MOT during this round: Coupon Lunge Walk

Round 2

Exercises: Block‐Over Burpees / No-Cheat Merkins
MOT during this round: Murder Bunny

Round 3

Exercises: Thrusters / Jillian Michaels
MOT during this round: Rifle Carry

Zerb: 326
SEC: 420
Fun Run: 402
Run Flat: 439
Shirts removed: 2
Coupons destroyed: 1

Praise for Zerbs mom good test result. Prayers for Zerb procedure Friday. Prayers for Hardy family battling cancer. Let us be a light and make today about God.