AO: ao-hermods-hideaway
Q: Gaylord
PAX: Houlihan, Carolina Lean, Thomas (Tailwind) Simmons, Ratatouille, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Gaylord, Pointer
FNGs: None

5CP, Mission Statement, Credo

Daisy pickers IC
Willie Mae hayes IC
Quad stretch
toe touch (hamstring stretch)
finkle kicks oyo
butt kicks oyo

800M run followed by 20 merkins

400M Bernie on straight with sprint on curve x3 w/ 10 merkins for rest between.

400M sprint on straight with saddle shuffle or karaoke on curve x3 w/ 10 merkins between.

400M all out sprint for 100M and then cool down walk 100M repeat. Did this for 2 laps with 10 merkins between laps.

LBC x50
flutter kicks for time

polar plunge Saturday at 0430 @ red dawn.

huff and puff on Saturday

Cantrell race coming up, speed for need. even if you can’t run you can sign up and help at speed for need tent.
Prayers for Houlihan and M as they are figuring out how to help w/ 2.0 behavior at school. Prayers for Wisdom and guidance.

YHC was 6th man, thankful for having a group of men to talk to, don’t have that at home with all the girls he is surrounded with. What keeps YHC coming out is not just the physical component but the spiritual component, having guys to pray with and talk about tough topics and things you are dealing with.