AO: ao-hermods-hideaway
Q: Maestro
PAX: Carolina Lean, Szczerbiak, Run Flat, SEC, Fun Run, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Downy, Gaylord, Maestro, Pointer, The Pope
FNGs: None

I asked funrun for permission to go to the grass this morning which he obliged. It was different and I enjoyed not running on the track lol

WARMUP: 600 meters on track and then took back way to marching band field
THE THANG: high knees, buttkicks (x2)
SPRINT 100 yards @ 50 x2
Sprint 100 & 75 x2
Sprint 100 @ 100% x6 with 1 minute rest between

Hill work
Speed skate up hill 3x
Bunny hop up hill 3x
Broad jump hill 3x
Hill sprints 5x

100 yard sprint 100% 1x
100 yard sprint 75%
100 yard run
100 yard mosey

Mosey back to flag

MARY: stretches
Toe toches
Quad stretches
Roll tide squatty potty


COT: sec for our 6th man
Prayed for those that we know with cancer
Flu going around