AO: ao-wilderness
Q: T-Zo (Pat Day) , Chaps
PAX: Screech, Chaps, T-Zo (Pat Day), Moon Dolphin, Corn Fed, Jolly Green
FNGs: 1 Jolly Green
WARMUP: ssg, Daisy picker, high knees, don quixote
THE THANG: mosey, CoP 10 monkey humpers, lumberjack swirly to the left, lumberjack swirly to the right, bernie burps a bear: one round with 5 burpees, one round with 1 burpee, line round with 2 burpees. on to fountain!
18 dips, people’s chair with 10x4ct toe lifts and 10x4ct heel lifts. 20 dips with ppls chair, 20 dips with 30 irkins
MARY: 10 minutes! round the group Q: crunchy frog, Freddy Mercury, merMAN, American hammer, flutterkick, LBC, 1+ min plank
ANNOUNCEMENTS: many half marathons coming up
COT: tzo work environment, chaps pursue wife & nurture relationship, moon dolphin’s car (firefly driving), corn fed purity.