AO: Backblasts
Q: Myrtle, Fun Run, Joshua Simonton Gruuel
PAX: Fun Run, Mr. Beast, Vila, Carolina Lean, Myrtle
FNGs: None
WARMUP: After some mumble chatter about who was going to Q, YHC started us off with a plan to hand off to Fun Run about halfway through. We started off our warmup with some Willie Mays Hayes, hamstring stretch and some other things I don’t remember (we were winging it!). Mr Beast suggested we use the vacation workout posted by Gruuel and that idea took off.

We moseyed to the track and decided to modify Gruuel’s workout just a tad. Instead of a four mile run, we did a 1/2 mile Indian Run. Then…
Burpees 40
Merkins 40
Squats 40
Shoulder Touches 40
Lunges 40
Overhead Press 40
Curl 40
Row 40
Calve Raises 40
Mike Tysons 40

LBC 40
Flutter Kick 40
Big Boy Situps 40

2.0 Event on August 5th
Labor Day 5k/10k

Prayers for Fun Run and his M for the upcoming birth of their child.
Travel mercies for Myrtle