AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Buick, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans
PAX: Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Spackler, Lipitor, Buick, Flowmax, Szczerbiak, GPS, SEC, Maestro, Mr. Fixit, Big Chick, Sloppy Joe, Pooh, OneHit, John A Gowan
FNGs: None

Warm up
Daisy pickers
SSH fast pace
Hand release merkins
Don Q
Groiners – Yhc wasn’t sure what this was so he called for butterfly stretch. @mr fixit was kind enough to demonstrate a groiner but Yhc wasn’t convinced that he wasn’t just asking us to do some burpees so…
Burpees 10 oyo
Calf raises – @maestro taught us a great way to do these by circling up and depending on each other for balance.

Mosey to track

THE THANG: Mosey to track

Biff (modified Griff)
10 burpees
800M forward Indian Run
10 Burpees/25 merkins
400m backward run OYO
10 burps/25 merkins/50 lunges
800 forward Indian Run
10 burps/25 merkins/50 lunges/bearcrawls 100 yds

Tater had much more planned but time was ticking and the coupons were calling …

Mosey to coupons

3 rounds choice of 2 exercises  to get 100 cumulative reps followed by 100 yard block carry
Rd1 100 tricep extensions and curls
Rd2 100 SSH and plank jacks
Rd3 100 thrusters and jump overs

All pax got some of the concrete goodness before Yhc called for us to return coupons to their original place so we could mosey to our date with Mary

MARY: Yhc called for @peaches to give us a Mary and he called for flutter kicks i c for 30

ANNOUNCEMENTS: go ruck pew pew training. See slack for details. Message flow max. This going to happen July 1
Father’s Day clay shoot to benefit crossroads. See the sign ups on slack

COT:@gps going to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip.
@freebird family vacation – been missing you brother. Thankful you’re able to get this time with your fam.
@buick striving to keep Jesus at the center of everything, but the conviction of falling short is taking its toll.
@big chick praise for f3 and what it’s done for his family not just himself.

Today was gonna happen whether Buick or roll tide stepped up or not. You men were going to be there and that’s why I was there.
I was just doin what @tater salad said 🙂

Great work men