AO: Ao-Pound
Q: Michael Smallwood(Bull)
PAX: Noodles, Palladean
FNGs: None
Big Arm Circles IC (Both ways)
Bear Hugs IC
Daisy Pickers IC
Hill Billies IC
Crazy 8’s
Started with seven LBC’s, then Bear Crawled 10yds and did one Merkin, Crabwalk back to start for 6 LBC’s, Bear Crawl 10 yds for 6 Merkins. You get the picture
Once completed we eased down to the Love Shack for some coupons.
Upon return to the Pain Lab we did a 4 corners regimen. The exercises were the squat press, merkins on coupon, bent over rows, and coupon swings. We did each exercise AMRAP for 45 seconds then rotated to the next corner. Did 4 rounds total.
Last but not least we moved on the Gun Show. The PAX did two rounds of 45 seconds AMRAP of Curls and Tricep extensions.
Returned the coupons to the Love Shack
Mary was calling our name.
Pax choices were:
Noodles- Flutter Kicks
Palladean- Big Boy Sit Ups
Bull- Box Cutters
Also did some gas pumps and planked to 6
CSAUP all nighter on June 2nd, get out and Q something. Dill announced as head baseball coach at MPHS
Prayed for Noodles wife as she battles allergies. Praise Lord for the rain even though we may tire of it. Unspoken requests