AO: ao-wilderness
Q: T-Zo (Pat Day)
PAX: Capsize, T-Zo (Pat Day), Mountain Mama
FNGs: None

WARMUP: bear hug, Daisy picker, copperhead squat, ssh, BAC, trunk rotations
THE THANG: playground Workout
10x bench jump
AMRAP pull ups
10x pistol squats
10x irkan
10x lateral leap
10x inverted row
10x Bulgarian Split Squat
10x derkan
10x ab rolls
10x dips
MARY: 20x4ct superman, 15x 4ct merMAN, 20x4ct American hammer
ANNOUNCEMENTS: ruckmas coming up
COT: prayer for chaps’ future & God leading him, for moon dolphin and TI getting fixed up, for Mountain Mama ending job, having time off, and new job.