AO: ao-about-face
Q: Capsize
PAX: Capsize, OneHit, Run Flat, Scooter, SEC, Chuckie, Pointer, Bobber
FNGs: None
WARMUP: maybe the coldest morning yet. Tried to get warm with SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, mountain climbers and burpees. That didn’t work so we moseyed to Gilligan’s Island
In parking lot:
11’s utilizing half the parking lot with Mike Tyson’s at the curb and Spider-Man’s in the middle with a mosey
Ran back to top of driveway and bear crawled to coupons
Next sets were low and slow reps
5 man makers
7 curls
7 upright rows
7 binoculars
7 OH presses
10 WW 3 sit-ups with coupon
10 hard way American hammer with coupons
Hairburners across driveway and back
Rinse and repeat doing 10-12 reps
MARY: 15 each side Merman’s
12 Vup roll ups OYO
Chuckie led 1.5 minute Psalm 23 plank
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Huff and Puff on the 20th
We all said what we are thankful for.
Prayer was for Bluebird. There is no condemnation. We love you Bluebird . The King of Kings loves you more. Forgot to pray for Huffy and a crew going to passion in Atl. Today. My some leaving for spring semester at Georgia College. Thankful for you men