AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Run Flat
PAX: Myrtle, Baby Daddy, Run Flat, SEC, Scooter, Buick, Maestro, Brutus, Houlihan, Piggyback, Geppetto, Downy, Wade – F3 Sub, OneHit, Fun Run, Flowmax
FNGs: None
Standard Disclaimer was given – I’m not responsible, nor am I aware of anything.

Bear Hugs
Daisy Pickers
Imperial Walkers
Big Arm Circles Forward
Big Arm Circles Reverse
All IC and all x11

Ruck up and head to the field.  PAX lined up across the goal line to begin the below sets:

On the goal line – I Surrender x16 IC
Back Crawl with Ruck on chest to the 10 yard line.
On the 10 yard line – 10 Ruck Thrusters.
Back Crawl with Ruck on chest to the 20 yard line.
On the 20 Yard Line – 20 Ruck Swings
-Back Crawl with Ruck on chest to the 30 yard line.
-On the 30 Yard Line – 30 Overhead Ruck Press
-Back Crawl with Ruck on chest to the 40 yard line.
-On the 40 Yard Line – 40 Bent Over Ruck Rows
-Back Crawl with Ruck on chest to the 50 yard line.
-On the 50 Yard Line – Circle up for (We haven’t quite landed on an appropriate name yet 😂).  PAX sat in a circle between one another’s legs and passed Rucks over head to one another until our Ruck made it back around to us.  There was a lot of mumble chatter during this one!

5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, and Credo were also given while circled up on the 50.

After what felt like 10 minutes of being in such a tight circle with one another, YHC’s hips were hurting, so we did 11 Imperial Walkers to get everything moving again.

Next, we rucked up and headed to the visitor stands.  PAX lined up for 2 rounds of the below:

Ruck Thrusters – 20 OYO
Ruck Swings – 15 OYO
Burpee Ruck Jump Over – 10 OYO

If we had the time, I believe a third round of that would have had some merlot splashing.

We rucked back to the flag for Mary.

YHC = Mercuries Mercuries IC
Geppetto = Overhead Ruck Flutter Kicks IC
Baby Daddy = Ruck Plank IC

Travis Manion WOD
Convergence BBQ 05/12
Convergence 05/13

Prayer for:
-Men’s Hike Participants
-Jody Sappe’s Grandmothers hip injury and recovery.

Praise for:
-Flowmax and his wife’s 24 year anniversary.
-Downy and his wisdom at such a young age.