AO: ao-pig-trail
Q: Skidder
PAX: Fun Run, Freon, Piggyback, Skidder
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION: I gave the disclaimer, 5 core principles, mission statement. and creedo.

WARMUP: daisy pickers, Willie mays hays, imperial walkers, leg stretches

THE THANG: we ran 3.8-4.2 depending on what watch you used. Very good pace. Cool air, plenty of deer.

MARY: don’t know her

ANNOUNCEMENTS: July 4th games, no known races. D-day workouts every Saturday at 5 this month.

COT – 6TH MAN: Horse flies terrorized us again.

PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: pray for Freons wife and their pregnancy. Pray for Piggybacks friend at cathedral who battles with Chrons, pray for SEC and his family during this time