AO: Ao–Scrape
Q: Cousin Eddie
PAX: ER, Back Draft, Noah Blackwell, The Grinch, Cousin Eddie
FNGs: None
little arm circle x10
Reverse x 10
Solomon holds
Big arm circles x 10
Reverse x 10
Bear hugs x 10
Daisy pickers
1 mile mosey alternating carrying either a 25lb or 75lb sand bag in the group.
3 burpees every minute for the duration of the workout
During the run:
10 hand release merkins
20 squats
10 hand release merkins
20 squats
20 merkins
3 end of the road sprints carrying the sand bags
10 bear hugs
10 don quixotes
10 merkins
20 squats
5 hand release merkins.
Freddie mercuries x10
LBC x 30
ANNOUNCEMENTS: VBS at central this week. Backdraft traveling.
COT: prayer/pledge