AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: FreeBird
PAX: Buick, FreeBird, GPS, OneHit, Myrtle, Run Flat, Piggyback, Mr. Fixit, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Downy, French Lick
FNGs: None
Welcome to the gloom. It was a cooler, misty, dark start to the beatdown this morning. But, spirits were high as we started with plenty of mumble chatter in the background, especially about the ship burning that took place earlier in the morning.
Disclaimer was given.
5 core principles, mission statement, and creedo were all recited.

WARMUP: Don Quixotes, Tie Fighters, Daisy Pickers, Chinooks

THE THANG: Introduced the Pax to the 2 themes for the day which were the start of baseball season and Holy Week leading up to Easter.

YHC started a mosey with the intention of taking the pax across the street to the field by the tennis courts. However, we circled back to pick up a late arriving pax. It was at that point that YHC noticed that the gate to the turf field was open so we rerouted and ended up on the downy soft turf grass.

Field of Dreams: Break up into 4 groups, 1 group at each base. Group at home plate did 9 burpees while other groups AMRAPed 1st – squats; 2nd – merkins; 3rd – LBCs. After the burpees were completed that group ran to 1st and tagged that group who then ran to 2nd and so on.

Good news; It was a double header day with extra innings, so we repeated the routine with 12 burpees at home.

Next we started the Holy Week portion of the morning with a mosey through campus to the front parking lot.

To start, Jesus drew near to Jerusalem, near the Mt. of Olives, He told disciples to go get a donkey tied up in town, He traveled through town with people praising Him and shouting Hosanna.
Mountain Climbers x 33
Donkey Kicks x 12
We’re Not Worthys x 12
Rinse and Repeat

Jesus returned to the Mount of Olives for rest and prayer. Twice He prayed to the Father, take this cup from me, but as you will.
Prayer Squats x 12
Crucible Merkins x 12

Jesus predicts Judas’ betrayal for 30 pieces of silver. Reminder for us not to sell out our brothers. Be loyal.
Diamond Merkins x 30

Mosey around campus down to the practice field and over to the coupon stack.

Jesus tells Peter he will deny him 3 times before the rooster crows. But don’t lose heart. Just as Jesus restored Peter and built his church around him, we can be restored from our failures.

Peter Parkers x 33
Chicken Peckers x 12 (the pax were not thrilled by this one and basically watched YHC along with a few other good sports complete the exercise).

Jesus was sentenced to die for blasphemy. He was forced to carry His cross and was mocked on His way to Golgotha.
Cusak around the field
Stopped halfway for a COP of Howling Monkeys

Jesus was crucified, buried, and rose on the 3rd so that we may have new life and our sins forgiven.
T merkins x 12
Grave Diggers x 33
Overhead Presses x 12

Jesus came to bear our sins and as brothers we should bear each other’s burdens.
Partner 1 Bear Crawls halfway across field while Partner 2 bears the burden of his partner by carrying both blocks and follows Partner 1, and switch. Due to odd number, YHC murder bunnied across the field which is what the pax were guessing they were about to have to do.

Several Hallelujahs along the way.

MARY: Heels to Heaven, Sweat Angels, E2K, Freddie Mercurys

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Convergence on May 13th, sign up on slack

COT: Myrtle – 6th man, thanks for sharing, important to stay connected to your brothers; prayers for GPS’ mother and friend, prayers for continued recovery for Piggyback’s daughter from fever.