AO: Ao-Pound
Q: Waders
PAX: Dill (Blake Cannady), Palladean, MooMoo, Michael Smallwood(Bull)
FNGs: None
Imperial Walkers – 15 IC
Hillbillies – 15 IC
Bat Wings (with Mollie’s song)
– 10 x Forward Arm Circles
– 10 x Backwards Arm Circles
– 15 x seal claps
– 10 x overhead claps

We paired up and moseyed to get a few coupons.

Variation of the Bearmuda Triangle. Three stations with bear crawl in between. Planned for three rounds with one partner doing the coupon work and the other without and then switch the next time around. Exercise for a minute and a half each station.

Round 1
1. Colt 45s + High Plank
2. Overhead Press + Low Plank
3. Push-Pull + Nolan Ryans

Round 2
1. Bent over row + LBCs
2. Tricep raise + WWI
3. Blockees + Gas Pumps

Mary showed up and we never had time for round 3

Weezy Jeffersons – 10 IC

Lots. Convergence. 5Ks. Upcoming WOD beatdowns.
It’s all in Slack so don’t kill the poor messenger.

Palladean’s sister lost a friend this week. Pray for comfort.
Dill’s dad had surgery and needs healing. His mom needs strength to continue caring for his sister.
May God’s Kingdom come through us.