AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: OneHit
PAX: Buick, French Lick, Fun Run, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Maestro, Mr. Beast, Myrtle, OneHit, Piggyback, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Run Flat, Kenny Powers
FNGs: None
Bear hug, chinook, daisy picker, trunk rotation, ssh x 10 ish
Ruck up and head to the football field & line up on goal line:

Bear crawl to opposite end zone
Once there we did the following:
20 man makers
30 plank ruck pull throughs
40 ruck Jump overs
50 yd sprint & back with ruck on
60 ruck (kettle bell) swings

60 ruck (kettle bell) swings
50 yd sprint and back with ruck on
40 ruck jump overs
30 plank ruck pull throughs
20 man makers
Bear crawled back across football field with ruck on

Box cutters x 10 ish
2.0 event Aug 5th, Growruck & iron pax challenge coming up
Prayer for gruel & French lick, discipline and balance and all of us, praise for having each other in our lives.
Continued prayer for myrtles son and daughter.

Good work men!