AO: Ao-Streakers
Q: Maestro
PAX: OneHit, Flowmax, Geppetto, Fun Run, Downy, Maestro, Scooter
FNGs: None
Billy Wazemaze haze
Imperial Walker
THE THANG: run it
Ran top half of the trail several times and finished up at 5:50
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Travis mansion coming up – mental battle WOD coming up ! 5 year!

COT: read from Mark 16 and had some great sharing

Talked about the thief and what he had do to do to get get into heaven – absolutely nothing.. the moment we put “I” in anything we’ve missed the point.

Thankful for the weird things our kids do
Thankful for each other
Thankful for Jesus

With Scooters Permission I wanted to share he is 9 Months sober today! Praise God and what a great day to celebrate. I’m thankful his path led him to us!