AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Geppetto
PAX: OneHit, Maestro, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, French Lick, Myrtle, Scooter, Lipitor, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Fun Run, Geppetto
FNGs: None
Welcome was given at 5am sharp!
Disclaimer informed of
5 core principals recited by Maestro:
Held outside rain or shine(even winter in may)
Free of Charge
Peer lead
Open to all Men
Ends in COT
If you got those 5 things you’ve got yourself a F3 workout.
We did.

YHC read a book in which 2 Navy Seals decided to do the Murph WOD for a workout on a random day (cause they are seals) and theirs was a little different, so this morning we attempted to do the part of that Murph we don’t do round here. Here’s what theirs looked like:
2 mile Run
100 Burpees
4x100yard partner carry
100 pull ups
200 merkins
300 squats
2 miles
(YHC didn’t tell PAX this was a fictional book, but it was written by a real Navy Seal)
Willie Mays Hayes 10IC
Imperial Walkers 10IC
Bear Hugs 10IC
BAC Reverse 10IC

Went to the Track. YHC presented the Half of the Murph-Pro that we would attempt this morning:
1 Mile Run-DONE
100 Burpees-DONE
4×100 yard partner carry-1/2 DONE
1 mile Run-NEXT TIME

There was much mumble chatter till the 100 Burpees…. as expected. Only One of us did all 100 Burpees with the ruck on… We got through 2 partner carries before time was called.

We were out of time but two PAX left their rucks in the opposite endzone and had to run and get them, everyone waiting was the better for it. We did:
Overhead Ruck Flutter Kicks 30 IC
Murph Monday at 7, pre-ruck at 5:15
Special announcement at Big Bertha Tuesday Morning
Clay Shoot for Crossroads June 17th at 9am
Overnight Ruck June 23rd, patch included. Sign Up!

Prayed for:
French Lick and current season of Life
One Hit and Huffy headed to comic con in Atlanta today
Pledged it out