AO: ao-yard
Q: Fun Run
PAX: FreeBird, T-Swizzle, Piggyback, Maestro, Downy, Gaylord, Fun Run
FNGs: None

Disclaimer, 5CP, Mission Statement, Credo
Hillbillies X 10
Daisy Pickers X 10
BAC X 10
Bear Hugs X 10
SSH X 10
YHC explained the antique yoke sitting in the middle of the circle. This would be our coupon for the day that we would take turns carrying/using for various exercises.

The yoke made its way around the circle as we did various exercises (squats, lunges, overhead press, thrusters, merican hammers, overhead yoke flutter kicks, etc)
We did some moseying around the loop with pax taking turns carrying the yoke each for a lap on their own.
When we came back the circle we took a page out of Gepetto’s book. Pax would stand in the center of the circle holding the yoke overhead while the rest of the pax did an exercise together. When the pax in the center couldn’t hold it any longer he would ask the next pax to help him. We discussed how this should teach us as men it’s ok to ask for help when we need it.
Outstanding Dad jokes were sprinkled in throughout the latter part.
MARY: We got some Mary work sprinkled in during the beatdown.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bridge run, Raindeer run, 12 miles of ruckmas
COT: YHC’s friend’s biopsy results next week, Piggyback’s 2.0’s continued development. YHC shared a quote on persistence and related it to constant push in physical, spiritual, relational aspects of our lives. Maestro had a good word and verse for us on living with an abundance of love and honor.