Friendly New Guys

You took the first step by posting to your first beatdown, or possibly just stumbled upon our site and found this landing page. Take a few moments to see what F3 is all about.

Join F3 Macon

Give us a bit of info so we can get to know you and so you can stay informed with the group.

10 Steps for an FNG

  1. Check out the video and text on F3Nation’s homepage.

2. Find the workouts in your region by visiting F3Macon’s homepage.

3. Unsure of what some workout and other terms mean? Consult the lexicon or exercises.

4. Sign up for Twitter. Follow F3Macon and your fellow PAX. Also, sign up for the Band App and Join F3Macon.

5. Q a workout. After post a backblast on F3Macon’s band app page.

6. Go to a 2nd F event, be it a #CSAUP or #HDHH (Did you look at the lexicon). Don’t see something that fits you or want to do something different? Find your local 2nd F Q.

7. If you are someone interested in service, attend an F3F event. Don’t see something that fits you or want to do something different? Apply to make a difference.

8. If your moved to do so check out our 3F workout on Wednesday Morning at AO About Face. If that sparks a fire inside of you or you want to do something different, contact the 3rd F Q.

9. Volunteer to expand F3. There are many different ways to give it away, from helping with Qing at a new AO to spearheading a local mudgear order.

10. Ask us any question we did not cover.

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