AO: ao-about-face
Q: Capsize
PAX: OneHit, Mr. Beast, Mr. Fixit, Capsize, Myrtle, Pointer
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Light day on Pax but good solid core, we started with SSH 4 count IC, silent after 5. The veterans didn’t miss a beat, no penalty, imperial walkers, arm stretches, bear hugs and then ran to Chi Chester’s in an Indian run and back
Grabbed coupons for a low and slow circuit, slow 4 counts
Bent over rows 15 4 count IC
Curls 15 4 count IC
Binoculars 15 4 count Ic
15 WW 3 sit-ups with a press at top and bottom OYO
15 4 count IC squat thrusts
15 4 count IC Irkins
Bernied to top of drive and then bear crawled back
Rinse and repeat but with 12 reps
Southern curls ( block push) up and back
Partnered up for
LBC toe to toe passing the coupon between fort 2 min
Around the world black pass with your partner 1 minute each direction
Rinse and repeat
Oblique V ups 15 each side
Vup roll ups 15 4 count IC
Psalm 23 plank
ANNOUNCEMENTS: convergence
Shared a little about my thoughts on James 1, all said what we were grateful for, prayed out