AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: TI (Adam C)
PAX: Capsize, Chaps, Matt Buren-f3 Cub, Ben Stallard (TaterSalad), TI (Adam C), Steven DeGeorge, T-Zo (Pat Day), Q-Tip, None , Stone Cold
FNGs: 1 Stone Cold

Advanced linear warmup:
-knee squeeze to chest
-heel to butt bird dog
-hacky sack squeeze
-inch worm merkin
-Inch worm lunge and twist
-Slow mo bear crawl
-High ho skip
-High knee run
-Butt kick run
-Finkle toe touch

During the warmup we met Stone Cold. FNG! We call that a Cajun EH


The Thang: Fun with Coupons!
10 minutes AMRAP (As Many Rounds of the 4 exercises As Possible)
20 Coupon Thrusters
25 Bent over rows
25 Dead lifts
Broad jump for 10 yards, mosey back
10 minutes AMRAP
10 Man makers(Burpee with your coupon, a.k.a. Man Makers)
20 Curls
5 Coupon Step ups (5 each leg)
Bear Crawl 10 yards, mosey back

Mosey, howling monkeys, mosey


48 flutter kicks
Big boy sit-ups


Cub kids in house, busy season
Stone Cold – kids testing
TI – parenting – self control
Tater – joyful season