AO: backblasts
PAX: ER, Ranga, Biff, Nurse Jackie, John Denver
FNGs: None
-15 IC Arm Circles: forward, back, and chinooks
– 15(?) IC Bear Hugs; Q lost count after being distracted by Biff’s new kicks being bright and clean
– 15 IC SSH

– Ranga continued active recovery ruck until cleard by a Dr for full beatdowns. Remained moseyed to the concrete pad to complete 4 corners:

– Start in center, run to the corners, and complete exercises before returning to center. Starting with C1: 20, C2: 19 C3: 18, C4: 17; each time in the center 2 burpees.
• Center: Burpees
• Corner 1: Lunges
• Center: Burpees
• Corner 2: Merkins
• Center: Burpees
• Corner 3: LBC
• Center: Burpees
• Corner 4: Plank Jacks
When complete all PAX knocked out 60 Lunges, 55, Merkins, 50 LBCs, 45 Plank Jacks, and 38 Burpees .

Moseyed to Ranga and completed the final lap around the campus.

– 25 Squats
– 50 Flutter Kicks
– 50 Freddie Mercury’s

– Lake Joy 5K on 27 Jan

– Continued prayer for Water Boy’s niece
– Prayer for all those traveling, working, recovering from sickness, and fartsacking
– Great discussion on God’s omnipresence; even before time He was here. His watch (if he wore one) always says “now”. He has been even before He created heaven. We’ve all known this but if you truly spend time thinking about what that really means it can blow your mind.

Omnipresence: The presence of God everywhere in creation at the same time in His fullness, without exception.