AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: Capsize
PAX: Capsize, Chaps, T-Zo (Pat Day), Tripod, @ Cub, @ TI, @ Mountain Mama
FNGs: None
WARMUP: YHC was super excited to see the fam all here on a Tuesday! Our beautiful fountain had been neglected for quite a while so we paid it some respect today.
Quad stretch
Side straddle hops
Back stretch
High knees
Willy mays hays
Bear crawled to fountain
Started with 1/4 swirley
10 IC 4 count merkins
1/4 swirley
4 count IC shoulder taps
1/4 swirley
10 4 count IC dips
1/4 swirley
Hold plank and recite Lord’s Prayer
Bear crawl around fountain
10 4 count IC derkins
Crab crawl around fountain
Hold plank Psalm 23
Lunge walk around fountain
15 4 count IC dips
Moseyed around parking lot and to tennis wall
3 pax held wall sit
4 pax did 15 4 count inverted mountain climbers ( thanks TAter)
4 pax held wall sit while
3 pax did inverted shoulder taps
Fitness test:
40 hand release merkins in 2 minutes
All passed- good work

31 4 count LBC’s IC
Vup side ups 12 each side OYO
ANNOUNCEMENTS: convergence
Stephen DeGeorge home show at Walter’s Saturday night
COT: prayed for Cub, prayed for the 1% more each day of laying our lives down