AO: ao-the-scrape
Q: Back Draft
PAX: Back Draft, The Grinch, ER, John ‘Beach Body’ Stevick, Q-Tip, Chumz, Sprout, Mule (visiting from Ohio)
FNGs: None
Quad stretch, while I gave the Disclaimer
Bear Hug, while I mentioned the Mission
Daisy Pickers, while I gave the 5 Core
Willie Mayes Hayes, while Beach Body gave the Credo

5 SSH to get the rhythm
21 SSH in silence to see of we would finish at the same time. (We did not, so 10 burpees it was)
During a mosey:

Burpees 5
Reverse Lunge the hard way 10
Uhaul (exicon for details) 16
T-merkin 20
Upright row. 25
Sit-up. 30

Lined up on the concrete slab and worked through these exercises.
5 burpees (cusack to end of slab, front carry back)
5 Burpees, 10 Reverse lunge (bear crawl the slab, single hand coupon carry back)
Continue, working through the exercises until the end. Always starting with 5 burpees, making our way through the BRUTUS exercises and changing the way we moved across the slab. (Jog, sprint, murder bunny, skip, bernie, lunge walk)

Tried the silent SSHs again and this time succeeded!

The passing of Brutus

Thankful for our blessings
Praying for those grieving.