AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Steven DeGeorge
PAX: Capsize, Chaps, Moon Dolphin, Gamgee
FNGs: None
Bear Hugs, Big Arms, Daisy Pickers, DonQ’s, and Capsize helped us with the Back Stretch.
Moseyed past the fountain to the field passing neon colored Velcro paddle catcher things from the 80s along the way. At each one we demoed the excercises associated with each marker. In honor of Ronald Reagan and Young Geezywe embarked upon the President’s Fitness Award (PFA). The way this works is we get in a line at the first marker. On “excercise” we run across the field stopping at each marker doing 10 reps at each stop. On the far side of the field (last marker) we did 20. On the way back to start we do 10 reps at each marker as well. Once back to the beginning we ended the PFA with 10 Burpees. We completed 4 rounds of the PFA using these 7 exercises: mtn climbers, air squats, Mexican Jumping beans, merkins, LBCs, Monkey Humpers, and Burpees.

This was hard.

Had a few minutes and moseyed to the fountain. There we did some spoke work amraping merkins and LBCs while representatives ran spokes and back.
I led us in Freddy Mercurials, and Sky Pokers. Chaps gave us some reverse crunches (cool one), and Gamgee got us to 6:00 with a burnout of American Hammers.
Chaps told us all of the current events
COT: prayed for Cubs new baby BOY!!! Silas!!! Hoping to see him in a rucksack soon! Good work Jamie!!!!
Capsizes mentorship opportunities and Animal’s debate match upcoming.