AO: Ao–Scrape
PAX: John ‘Beach Body’ Stevick, Space Jam (Chase), Cousin Eddie, ER, The Grinch, Banana Boat, Sweetgrass (visiting from TN)
FNGs: None

– SSH 10 IC
– Daisy Pickers 10 IC
– Don Quixote’s 10 IC
– Arm Circles (forward, reverse, chinooks)
– Moseyed around campus to pain shed


– Carry coupons to fire pit and completed 3 cycles of each round

Round 1
– Merkins 10
– Monkey Humpers 10
– Dips 10
– Goblet Squat 10
– Burpees 4

Round 2
– Decline Merkins 10
– Step Ups 10 (per leg)
– Overhead Press 10
– Curls 10
– Burpees 4

– Flutter Kicks 40 single count
– Freddie Mercury 40 single count
– Hello Dolly 20

– Convergence in a couple weeks

– Discussed how we are not made for isolation and too many times we get stuck in a cyclical rotation of isolation -> depression -> stress -> shame -> isolation.

In F3 have the opportunity to insert ourselves into and break our brothers out that cycle. F3 is not the answer, our relationship with Christ is, but it serves as the means to create a community of brotherhood and accountability.

The Scrape has been running low on pax due to various commitments but we are dedicated to keep posting and fighting for each other!