AO: Ao-Downrange
Q: Run Flat
PAX: Run Flat
FNGs: None
PAX: @Low Lights @Gump @WAR CHICKEN
@Run Flat (WS – F3 Macon) @heehaw @Deep
Water @washout @BAM

Warmup & Disclaimer
The thang: circuits on the beach
1 – surfies
2- paddle battle: buoy set out 100 yds, 2 pax race out in their kayaks around the buoy and back
3- wanker yanker: weighted anchor pull with black Betty and 3 cinderblocks chained to it
4- wave of pain: 1 pax on the battle rope, the other does shoulder taps. Swap when shoulders feel smoked
5- Ursa Hurtsa: 2:1 ladder of bear crawls and
Carolina dry docks
6- Perkins: 4 Peter Parker’s, barrel roll, 4 merkins, barrel roll back, R&R
7- squat jumps
8- the 100’5
We completed a little over two rotations of the circuits. Great job guys!