AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Dill (Blake Cannady)
PAX: OneHit, FreeBird, John A Gowan, Spackler, Ben Stallard (TaterSalad), Run Flat, Myrtle, SEC, Big Chick, Szczerbiak, Maestro, Piggyback, Dill (Blake Cannady), Mr. Fixit, Pooh, Crawl Space, Sketch, Crawl Space
FNGs: 1 Crawl Space
WARMUP: Intro: Welcome to F3, Disclaimer, modify up or down but not because it’s too hard.

Smurf Jacks 16 IC
Derricks 8 IC (each leg)
Copperhead squat 8 IC
Daisy pickers 16 IC
Bear hug 8 IC
Chinook 8 IC
Tempo Merkin 8 IC

THE THANG: Mosey to find a hill…ended up near the tennis courts

Quadraphilia 4 minute timer Bernie up/Sprint down.

Count off to hear the mumble chatter

Mosey to FPD exit road by baseball field

Dora- Partner up
One partner ran 10 light poles and back other partner did exercises

50- Burpees
100 – Bob Hurleys
150 – Carolina dry docks
200 – Plank Jacks

Run to speed bump (25-30yds) 10 box cutters run back 1 T-Merkin. Rinse repeat descending on the box cutters and ascending on the T-Merkin.

MARY: Captain Thor (1:4 ratio)
1 WW1 sit-up to 4 American Hammers. Pax got to 8:32 on rep count before time. I’ll be heading up a tutoring session at FPD for the F3 Macon Pax…I believe many pax cheated their way through math class.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 5k March 25th in Forsyth, Macon Mayhem 2F, Convergence 5/13

COT: Prayer/Praise:
Tater: Family travels
SEC: Praise and continued prayers for good health of family member
Mr.Fix-it: prayer for personal health

6th man: YHC gave praise to Spackler for how he is leading the Ruck Q for our region and asked him to speak about Rucking in F3. He is a HIM!! Get a ruck and show-up!