AO: Ao–Scrape
Q: Back Draft
PAX: ER, The Grinch, Back Draft, Standby
FNGs: None
Review of Credo, Mission and 5 Core
Standing quad stretch
Daisy pickers
Willie Mays Hayes
Side Straddle Hops

Scrape Easter egg hunt.
Gathered by the back steps where 10 eggs were “hidden” in the vicinity.  
PAX planked while one member found an egg and read the note within.  Each egg contained a Bible verse having to do with rising and a task.  Once completed, the PAX returned to the starting spot, planked and waited while another egg was found and its note read.
#1. Run to the retention pond and with a partner complete Burp Back Mountain (one partner runs backwards up the retention pond hill and back 3 times while the other does Burpees, switching off until 50 total Burpees are done
#2. Run to the North entrance and complete 2 sets of 15 Merkin
#3. Run to the pavilion and complete 2 sets of 10 Dancing Bears IC
#4. Run to the Coupon stack and complete 15 Man Makers
#5. Run to the concrete pad.  Flying Nuns the length of the pad, 30 sec Superman and then Flying Nuns back, Superman until PAX finishes
#6. Run to the coupon stack and complete 2 sets of 12 Grave Diggers
#7. Run to the West entrance and complete 20, Freddie Mercury, 20 Big boy sit-ups, 20 American Hammer
3 eggs left untouched.😢

Not really
Convergence activities
Health and wellbeing of the whole PAX, present and otherwise occupied.