AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: Capsize, Steven DeGeorge
PAX: Chaps, Capsize, Weezer, T-Zo (Pat Day), SeaFood, Steven DeGeorge, 0, Plato
FNGs: 1 Plato
WARMUP: 10 merkins IC 4 count, 10 bear hugs IC 4 count, 10 squats IC 4 count, back stretch ( Capsize) quad stretch Mosey to pavillion
At pavillion bear crawled to far soccer goal where we review the 5 core principals, 1 round of monkey Humpers 10 count each and hold them bear crawled on to Flathead hollow
Here we did Dora 1-3 and Weezer EH’d a man to join us!
Pax 1 runs the hill while pax 2 does the exercise
100 merkins
200 air squats
300 LBC’s and then Capsize took over
We ran to the Mercer student Act Center with 72 stairs and paired up with partner 1 running the stairs and back while partner 2 did
Heals to heaven
American hammer
Then we extended the stairs to bear crawl down the ramp and Bernie back to start with
Freddy Mercuries
Mosey back to base
25 4 count crunchy frog
Hold plank for 30 seconds

Cub moving Saturday morning
Named Quincy “ Plato”
Had a work on preparing to stand in Pride month ( Ephesians 6:13-17)
Prayed for each other as men, TeZo and Chaps having imminent military decisions, Mountain Mama with Campus Clubs, Plato with career change possibly, me with raising young men