AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans
PAX: Turnbuckle, BlueBird, Piggyback, Scooter, Run Flat, Buick, Flowmax, CurveBall, Tater Salad, Myrtle, Whoopee, OneHit, Capsize, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Carolina Lean, GUAC, Queso, French Lick, NocAHoma, Maestro, Houlihan, Spackler, Moon Dolphin, SEC, Downy, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, FreeBird, Skidder, Dangerfield, Eddie, Pony Express, Not Hercules, Scuba Steve
FNGs: 2 Not Hercules, Scuba Steve
Mission statement & 5 core principles

SSH x 22 ic
Dancing Coconuts ic
Greek wedding dance ic

Mosey to the grass beside the grand stand
Hallelujah fire drill x 5 reps

Bear’s hill
Bear crawl down the hill do 10 finger tip merkins
Crawl bear up the hill and do 10 alligator merkins

X 7 rounds

Mosey backwards around track to block pile
Collect block for the leg blasters

Squat thrusters x 22
Murder bunny out 10 yards
Reverse murder bunny back 10 yards

Rinse and repeat 4-5 times.

Carry block to pull up bars for a crabby triangle

10 pull ups any way but the normal way one does them. Crab walk to block 1 and do 10 curb merkins crab walk to other blocks and 10 curb merkins on the other side.

X 2 rounds

Circle up for the pat mac merkins wave style 1 round each side

Irkins wave style

Double tap burpee with a hallelujah hold while waiting.

Mosey back to the flag.


6th man – Turnbuckle thank you
Prayers – Gruel

Today was YHC’s last Q as a resident of Macon. You men are doing the hard thing. You men are reinvigorating male community of leadership. This season has been one of my best one’s yet because of you men. Thank you for the picture and the kind words and the bacon. Your impact will not soon be forgotten.