AO: ao-downrange
Q: OneHit , Maestro, Geppetto
PAX: Maestro, OneHit, Geppetto
FNGs: None
WARMUP: yep we all three led in some warm up just delaying the inevitable
THE THANG: The inevitable
3 men trying to better themselves each one giving out a thang for each segment

20 merkins/20 LBCs then19 (each) keep going in descending order
Then 15 no cheat merkins

20 gas pumps Bernie up 90 yard hill of false hope
Repeat 4 times descending 5gas pumps each time

15 dying cockroaches/15 box cutters then 14 (each) keep going in descending order

Burpee nonsense
Start at bottom of hill with one burpee run to next flat spot then 2 burpees then 3 and so on made out way to 12 burpees
(78) burpees

MARY: one hit 25 hello Dolly Ic
Gepetto 25 flutter kicks Ic
Maestro 15 mike Tyson’s

COT: prayer for Gepetto’s family
Praise for Huffys and Tatnalls win last night
Prayer for family for Maestro