AO: ao-the-scrape
Q: Back Draft
PAX: Back Draft, Biff, ER, The Grinch, Space Jam (Chase), Lazy Dog
FNGs: None
Willie Mayes
Daisy Pickers
Standing quad stretch
The group was disclaimed
Mission Statement recited
Lazy Dog impressed the group with the 5 Core even after his long absence

Partner work
400 SSH. Partner farmer carries 2 coupons to the other side of the ditch and back

300 LBC. Partner burpee broad jumps the bottom of the ditch and runs back

200 Merkin. Partner murder bunnies the bottom of the ditch and farmer carries back

100 Glute Bridges Partner Cusacks the bottom of the trench and back

PAX was very motivated today and worked through those sets quicker than anticipated, so were rewarded with a longer mosey to Mary.

12 freddie mercury IC
12 American Hammer IC
Devil in and out of the frying pan (recommended by Space Jam and executed by The Grinch)

Ruckmas on the 16th sounds very interesting.
Gobbler challenge at FPD (and maybe a Scraper

Ranga got real on Friday, so let’s keep it real.
I know that some of my Fs are stronger than others and felt I needed to share.
Travel during the holidays
Being thankful for answered prayers, which are sometimes more than what we asked for.