AO: Ao-Big-House
Q: Duke
PAX: Robert King Leonidas, Micro, Duke
FNGs: None


Welcome and Disclaimer, Mission Statement, and Credo


Big Arm Circles (10 IC hard way)
Overhead Claps (10 IC)
Moroccan Nightclubs (10 IC)
Bear Hugs (10 IC)
Side to Side (Willie Mays Hayes) (10 IC)


Moseyed around the Big House campus. Warm up lap around the church. Ended up back at the lot with the shovel flag.

PAX partnered up in a three way to have a BLAST! One partner runs across the parking lot, while the other two work on exercises. Partners are working together to achieve the total.

Boxcutters (150)
LBC (300)
Air Squats (450)
SSH (300)
Touches (Heel) (150 hard way)

If you finish early, pick up the six of your fellow PAX.

4 Corners in the parking lot. You’ve got this workout in the PALM of your hand:

1st corner: PAX Choice (Round 1: Burpees; Round 2: WWI Situps; Round 3: Alternating Side Lunges) 10 reps
2nd Corner: 10 Alternating Shoulder Taps (2 count)
3rd Corner: 10 Lunges (single count)
4th Corner (flag): 10 Merkins

3 rounds ensued before Mary called.


Needed some FIRE to help us get through the day!

Freddy Mercurys 13 IC
Inclined Planes IC
Rosalita 13 IC
E2K 13 OYO hard way


Count-a-Rama, Name-A-Rama✅

Announcements: Check Slack. Lots of themed workouts coming up. Convergence one month from today at FPD. Anchor of Hope 5K April 29.

Prayer Requests: Leonidas’ friend (lost friend to depression), Micro gave thanks for his current situation, Duke (too much to do and not enough time to do it)

Pledge it Out.

Pray it Out.