AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Maestro
PAX: T-Zo (Pat Day), Capsize, Run Flat, Maestro, Matt Buren-f3 Cub, Chaps
FNGs: None
If you ever work out with me at the wilderness, you know that I absolutely hate the swirly… I’m not coordinated enough, I don’t want to get better, and I’m just not a fan. So on the wilderness text thread last night by specifically let everyone know that “Swirley” was not to be mentioned, but it was and a penalty had to be paid. It cost some pax by surprise, but the point was made, and the consequence was just and fair that no one mentioned it again.

Really it was all in good fun and I’m glad Capsize is such a good sport

WARMUP: Hillbilly 20 ic
Willy mays hays 20 ic
Daisy pickers 20 ic
Run to middle of the park where in the way Swirly was mentioned – 30 burpee penalty

Regathered and met in some nice shirt wet grass for a 40 min core workout


Mike Tyson’s 15 oyo
American Hammer 20 ic
Heels to a Heaven 20 ic
Dolly 20 ic
V-ups 20 oyo
Mike Tyson’s 15 oyo
Dying cockroach 20 ic
Ww2 sit uo 20 oyo
Heel touch 20 oyo
LBC 20 ic
LBC elbows to knees ic 10
Mike Tyson’s 15 oyo
Flutter kicks 20 ic
Freddie Mercury 20 ic
Pretzel crunch left 20 ic
Pretzel crunch right 20 ic
Mike Tyson’s 15 oyo
Butterfly sit-up 20 oyo
Rosalita 20 ic
Situp flutter kicks 20 ic
Xy’s 20 ic
Mike Tyson’s 15 oyo
Knalp 20 ic
Bear Hold 20 ic
Devil in the pan 20 ic
Devil out of the pan 20 ic
Plank 20 ic

MARY: see previous
COT: prayed for relationships with family and finding Joy in our day