AO: Ao-Big-House
Q: Robert King Leonidas
PAX: Waders, Buford, Bobber, Ralph, Cabbage, SAG, Micro, MallCop
FNGs: None
WARMUP: high knees, heel kicks, arm circles, side straddle hops
THE THANG: Don’t Quit on yourself started with wall sits, first to quit led to hill sprints
Next on the block we had merkins, first to quit and we all did suicides
Last was planks with quitting leading to to burpees, unfortunately we had a failure during the burpees and had to do one more round of suicides.

Quitting can look like the easy way out, but a lot of times it leads us on a more difficult path. Keep pushing, its worth it in the end.

Really proud of all the men for showing up this morning and putting in work, no one left without becoming better.
MARY: 6″, LBC, heel touches, American Hammers
ANNOUNCEMENTS: See Slack, Anchor of Hope