AO: ao-streakers
Q: Fun Run
PAX: OneHit, Scooter, Maestro, Myrtle, Szczerbiak, Run Flat, Fun Run, Aunt Bee, Jacket
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION: Disclaimer, 5CP, Mission Statement, Credo, Streakers Credo

WARMUP: Willie Mays Hayes, Hillbillies, Quad Stretch

THE THANG: 5 miles on the road in Walhalla. Run Flat told us about how a cat jumped out and made him squeal last week. He qualified it with letting us know it was a beastly jungle cat most likely crossbred with a mountain lion.

MARY: We just watched some pax zig zag in the parking lot to get their 5 in

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 4x4x48, Travis Manion, Marathon Relay

PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: One Hit got a call from a friend in a dark place, Mountain Mama saw a waitress with a bad dental issue, Scooter’s M with a job interview, YHC’s friend who is about to start chemo for breast cancer