AO: Ao-Foxhole
Q: Dirty Dawg, Palladean
PAX: Palladean, Debris, SAG, Dirty Dawg, John Hankinson (Gator), Grimace, SoCrates, Duke, Tonka, Slowpoke, MooMoo, Prime (Birt Garner), Woody, Freon
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Ephesians 5, emphasis on 21 & 22; Ecclesiastes 4:12. Submission is more than the definition of yielding to another’s authority. Submission also means putting the other person’s needs above yours and putting yourself in a position of service. With us this AM we want to be mindful of submitting/ serving others well because we want to see to their needs first. Specifically with the needs of working out & physically improving, we push & encourage them to finish the drill. Let them know they have more to give- let’s serve each other in digging deeper. So, find a partner, grab a cord & tie your arms together.
F3/ MP/ DD not liable nor responsible… push but don’t hurt yourself. Modify as necessary.

5 Core Principles

Keep arms up for next several exercises; Moroccan Night Clubs WP 20; Big Arm Circles WP 20; Baby/ Small Arm Circles WP 20; Windmills WP 20
Planks Hold… oh Peter Parker’s WP 20. Merkins WP 10

With partner Indian Run to Fine Arts- forward to front of MP
Bernie Indian Run to Stop Sign
LBC’s WP 20
L/R LBC’s WP 20
Indian Run Forward to Finish
Circle of Pain Monkey Humpers WP 20
Bear Crawl WP 40M
Carioca back WP 40M
Crab walk WP 40M
Carioca opposite back WP 40M
SSH WP 100
Everyone Locks Arms Lunge walk 1st SB, jog next SB; lunge walk SB; jog to stop sign; Indian Run to Ralph’s Ridge
Ralph’s Ridge WP sprint to Finish

MARY: Freddy Mercuries WP 20
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Autism Awareness 5k-

Convergence May 13th
COT: 14; Namarama – say your partner’s birth name, age, & F3 name… I still want to call Teige Gerald Fox  Steve (🤦). So we broke up…
Pledged & prayed it out. Post Party 6 Burpees spelling out D-E-B-R-I-S