AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Geppetto
PAX: Scooter, Myrtle, SEC, Ben Stallard (TaterSalad), Brutus, GPS, OneHit, Run Flat, Fun Run, Maestro, Houlihan, Buick, Downy, Geppetto, Piggyback, Buzzard, Bob Ross
FNGs: None
Chilly weather but no rain provided a perfect backdrop for a great beatdown! YHC is constantly amazed with the HIM of F3 Macon! The crowd looked small at first but the PAX just kept rolling in, even as 5:15 hit, it’s a beautiful thing to see men accelerating and seeking to start the week off doing something difficult. As some of the PAX said after “it’s a great way to start the week, makes the rest of the week seem pretty easy” Aye!

Welcome and disclaimer given
Downy gave us our 5 core
Scooter gave us the Mission statement
YHC the creedo

Reverse BAC 10 IC
Bear Hug 10 IC
Willie Mayes Hayes 10 IC
We then did 10 burpees as a group to get the reward for arriving late out of the way for those PAX who came in Tokyo Drifting!

Rucked up and moseyed to the field.
We partnered up for some catch me if you can:
Partner 1 begins lung walking, Partner 2 does 10 merkins then bear crawls and tries to catch partner 1. We went sideline to sideline.

And the answer to your question, “with the rucks on?!?!” is YES!

The reward for the loser was 10 burpees. We swapped roles and played again going back across the field.

The Merlot was almost splashed but alas it was not much to the disappointment of all watching!

We then circled up at mid field and YHC gave a quick demo of a Jerkin.
We then did 2 rounds of circle jerkins! First jerking to the right until your ruck got back to you. Then because we want our left to be as strong as our right we did a 2nd round jerking to the left until your ruck made it back to you.

We then split into 2 teams and lined up at about the 25 yard line for a race of Tunnel of Love! All PAX hold the plank position while the PAX at the end of the line army crawls under everyone to the front and then gets in the plank position while the next PAX goes. So on and so on; all the way to the goal post… not the end zone @Onehit the goal post! The reward for the loser was 10 burpees! YHC’s team won by a pretty large margin!
We moseyed up to the flag where the reward for the winning team (mine) and the losing team was 10 burpees, after grounded our rucks this time. Everyone seemed to be floating like a butterfly for these 10!

Ruck flutter kicks 33 IC
Heel Touches 15 IC
American Ruck Hammer 15 IC
High plank to low plank to take us home!

Mental WOD this saturday
Tavis Manion and murph coming up
5 year convergence May 12 and 13
Prayers for SEC head on field trip with 4th and 5th graders for a few days
For GPS taking campus visit this week, and Sam who is supposed to go with but is at the hospital with family member who have COVID
Prayers for Men’s Hike in 10 days
Prayers for the Bloodworth family whose son was in an ATV accident and has spinal damage
Prayers for geppetto’s family preparing to go to El Salvador

Pledged it out