AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Maestro
PAX: TheBigCheese, Maestro, Piggyback, Buick, Downy, Fun Run, Run Flat, GPS, OneHit, Brutus, Geppetto, Turn buckle, Penny wise, Lipitor, Mr. Beast, Penny wise, Lipitor, Mr. Beast
FNGs: 3 Penny wise, Lipitor, Mr. Beast
If you haven’t had the pleasure of joining a ruck beatdown I encourage you to do so. It’s one of the toughest things you can do all week.

YHC decided to start a little early knowing all there was and that we had to get a lot in. I stole 2 min from you so I owe you if you want to return the love.

Big arm circles ic 12
Willy mays hays ic 12
Bear hugs ic 13
Merkins ic 20
Ruck to the brick wall on the track


It was an IWT workout that Interval Weight Training.  the gist is:
One strength exercise followed by a cardio

Ruck Merkins 20
SSH for 2 min  
X 3

Ruck Over head press 20 on the wall while peoples chair
400 meters under 2 min

Ruck Kettle bell swings 30
Burpees for 2 min
1 time and out of time

MARY: yep
Nice bear crawl at the end oyo 35 yards
Imperial walkers (w/rucks) ic 20
COT: piggy back was our 6th man. Thanks for sharing brother!
Prayed for healing of shooter and a men’s hike guy that twisted an ankle.

Prayers for sharing the gospel

Praise for a great mens hike at ingleside