AO: Ao-About-Face
Q: Buick
PAX: Tater Salad, Myrtle, Anderson Jones, Brutus, Lipitor, Huffy, OneHit, GPS, Buick, Turnbuckle, Run Flat, Walt Mays F3 Tattnall, Thumper , nature boy
FNGs: None
trunk rotation
Daisy picker
Imperial Walker

100 burpees oyo – Yhc pulled his hat down tight and got to work and tried not to let the other pax see him smile as the mumble chatter went from “did I hear that correct?” To just the sound of heavy breathing and grunting.
It was a great lesson for us to be called to do something so outrageous at 520 am. The plan was to help put things in perspective. If we can make it through something that intense and not die then maybe we can extend a bit more grace when our kids push us to the edge or when we get cut off in traffic and also don’t die…

Ruck up – pax were encouraged to ruck up with 30 lbs minimum
Partner up – wait I mean count off by ones and twos and then separate and then partner up 🤔.
Pretty sure we should have gone straight to Mary after the 100 burpees as Yhc had a mild stroke which was evident in his ability to give the most confusing directions to date.
Once the pax figured out what Yhc was trying to say we all got to work on an amrap
100 pull-ups
200 merkins
300 squats
Partner one did the murph exercise while partner two bear crawled down and crab walked or lunge walked back.

Shoulder blaster
Bac ic 10
Seal clap ic 10
Lac ic 10
Chinooks ic 10

MARY: box cutter ic 20
Lbc 30 oyo
Plank for 90 sec

ANNOUNCEMENTS: murph next Monday
@one hit leading a beatdown at 8 am tomorrow at Tattnall
Polar plunge Jan 2 2024
Over night ruck / mini grow ruck June 23. Sign up link is floating around slack…

COT:not a lot of chatter this morning. @lipitor was our 6th man. Thank you for sharing. We are grateful for you. Your commitment is extremely encouraging!
Keep the men of crossroads in constant prayer.