AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Buzzard
PAX: Ben Stallard (TaterSalad), Buick, Fun Run, Myrtle, Capsize, Mr. Fixit, Scooter, OneHit, Geppetto, Twang, Piggyback, Spackler, FreeBird, Maestro, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, SEC, Downy, Buzzard, Andy Solomon- NARD-DOG
FNGs: 1 Andy Solomon- NARD-DOG
Introduction, Disclaimer, Five Core Principles, Mission Statement, Credo
Warm Up
1. Willie Mays Hayes -16
2. Daisy Picker- 20
3. Mosey- one lap
4. Imperial Walkers -10
5. Chinook -10
6. Big Arm Circles-10
7. Mosey 1 lap
The Thang
Dice It Up
Red Dice x 2- Doubles =double Snake Eyes =15
1. Merkin x a bunch
2. Lunges the Hard way – A bunch
3. Mountain Climbers hard way – a bunch
4. Mike Tyson’s – A bunch x 2
Yellow Dice x2
1. Hill Run back to the flag x3
2. Burpees x 8 x 3
3. Bear Crawl the cones x1
4. Crab walks the cones x1
5. Side Shuffle Hill left Side right shuffle Down Hill x 1
LBC 25 oyo
Box cutters 10 oyo
High Plank/ Low Plank
Burppees-10- BewYack
Hello Dolly- 10 – Spackler
American Hammer- 25- Mr. Fix It

Circle of trust
Macon Mayhem- March 18th & Convergence May 13th
Prayer Request for Myrtle and Geppetto-
Thank you all for the support on my VQ!