AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Downy
PAX: Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Buick, Spackler, Brutus, Downy, Precious, Bozo
FNGs: None


It is June 6, D-Day

Big arm circles
American Pushups x50
Daisy Pickers
Mexican Jumping Bean x20
Calf stretch
Big boy situps x20
Quad stretch
Werkins x30
Trunk rotation
Mike Tyson x20
Monkey humpers
Split squat x10 (hard way)
Imperial Walkers
Shoulder Taps x25

Operation Neptune
We did 175 reps, for the 175,000 who stormed the beaches of Normandy

Moseys between all 5 beaches

Utah – 20 pullups
Omaha (meat grinder for American men)- 25 diamond merkins
Gold – 15 pullups
Juno (British and Canadian)- 20 diamond merkins
Sword – 10 pullups

50% casualty rate
2 of the 27 tanks in 1st wave made it to shore

Many soldiers had a clear zone of 300 yards between their transport ships and the cliffs where the German defenses were

Bear crawl, crab walk, lunge walk, crawl bear, backwards lunge walk 100m distance (middle of blacktop to Mary)

Other sectors secured earlier, air support halted German reinforcements and other units began to link up
Following the initial landing being secured – 16th and 116th Regimental Combat Teams gained a 10,000yd wide by 3,000yd deep area

2000-5000 casualties
20 LBC left, 20 LBC right
50 Mountain Climbers


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Patriot Games July 4, DHT-001 June 23, Clay Shoot next Saturday to benefit Crossroads Recovery
COT: prayers for One Hit and family traveling, Ingleside VBS kids and families, Precious and his family