AO: ao-the-scrape
Q: Ranga
PAX: Biff, ER, Bagpipe, The Grinch, Space Jam (Chase), Elmer, Chumz, Cousin Eddie, Peach Fuz
FNGs: None
Bearhugs – on your own while naming core principles
IC Imperial Walker x 10
IC SSH x 10

Mosey to grab a coupon

Curls for Girls x 10
Coupon Overhead Press X 10
Carry coupon around concrete pad
Bent over row x 10

Mosey to Road at the Cross (no coupon)
Squat x 10 (stay focused on the cross and think about who was on that cross)

Run down around the cross and then back up to concrete pad.
Repeat – Dropping Rep Count By 1
10, 9, 8, 7 ….

Lap around the church

25 LBC
25 Freddie Mercury
1 minute plank
30s plank

– Beach body getting trimmed
– Men’s cookout @ Central Baptist Church Thursday 6pm

– Think of the one who died on that cross.
– Why would someone choose to endure the most gruesome punishment? So that we could spend eternity with him.